Twenty One Pilots Concert Review- Nashville

So Thursday night, I went to the Twenty One Pilots concert in Nashville. It was the first stop on the tripforconcerts tour they are currently on. And oh, is it so worth going to.

I wasn’t as fond of Sirah, one of the opening acts, as I was Robert DeLong (the other opening act), mainly because she gave off no stage presence whatsoever. If she interacted with the crowd more and did something on stage, rather than just walk back and forth across it, I probably would have been more entertained. Also, it would have been more enjoyable if the bass wasn’t turned up so much that I could barely hear her rapping.

Robert DeLong, on the other hand, totally owned the stage. He just played music, and you could tell he enjoyed it. He uses game controllers to do special effects with his music, which is totally awesome, especially when he creates some dubstep with an old joystick. Yeah, he rocked out on that thing. But he was really good, and he’s really nice (got to meet him after the show). The group I was with decided that he is the Ed Sheeran of electronic music because of how he layers the music live on stage like Ed does.

Robert DeLong on Stage with his setup

Robert DeLong on stage with his setup. Really cool to see.

Twenty One Pilots came on and they were amazing. The energy, the quality of voice, the whole theme of the show was amazing to see. They started off wearing all black, and by the end, they were wearing all white, which was an interesting contrast, but it works with the story they’re telling with their song lineup, which is cool; I haven’t really seen that before.

Josh being held up by the crowd on a platform, playing drums.

Josh being held up by the crowd on a platform, playing drums.

They did awesome speeches, were really hyped, and I really liked the way the introduced their crew (Super Mario 64). Also, having the crowd hold them up while playing drums/singing/finale was really cool.

All in all, go see Twenty One Pilots. You won’t be disappointed.

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Country Music Festival

I am a very big fan of free stuff and volunteering. So when I got an opportunity to volunteer for the Country Music Festival and FanFare in Nashville, I took it. It also helps that for every day I get assigned to volunteer for, I get to go to the concert that night for free. 

I’ve loved country music for as long as I can remember. Growing up listening to the likes of Rascal Flatts and Joe Nichols, along with Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney, gave me a great appreciation for that genre of music, even thought it wasn’t the  most popular among my friends. 

Coming home from college, I would always turn the radio dial in the car to country music, just because I would get in the mood to listen to it. Seeing as a lot of country artists are from my side of the state, it seems appropriate. 

All in all, I’m quite excited to be able to volunteer at the Country Music Festival this week. Should be a lot of fun and I’ll get to see a lot of artists perform that I haven’t seen before.


Hello there!

Reason for this blog: to share new music I find and to practice my blogging skills, since I think they aren’t very good, and hopefully I’ll improve over time. I’ll be posting music I’ve discovered and old favorites, spanning from country to electronic to hard rock to dubstep to maybe even a little rap. I try to be as open minded as possible when it comes to music because I’ve seen how all genres can affect people.

So I hope you join me in this journey and bear with me as I learn! 🙂