Top 5 Concerts

I realize I have been to a lot of concerts in my not so long life, and I am very thankful for those opportunities. Looking at my list (which can be found here: some of them stand out more than others in my mind. Lately I’ve been thinking, “If someone asked me my top five favorite concerts I’ve been to, what five would I say?”

With that thought, I decided to make a Top 5 list. Please note that these are in no particular order. 

Action Item, Stephen Jerzak, Scene Aesthetic, and Allstar Weekend – December 2010

Ah yes, the concert that spawned my current obsession with concerts.

I went mainly to see Allstar Weekend, since they were actually coming to my town (the only time they ever did) and a friend of mine (who is now my concert buddy when available) went with me cause she enjoyed their music too. We ended up getting the VIP package so we could meet them before the concert, etc. Ended up getting front row (aka: being pressed against the stage the entire night) which was so much fun. 

This concert is where we discovered a band that would become our favorite band from that moment on: Action Item. Their set was awesome, and when we met them afterwards, they were total sweethearts and just really cool guys to be around. Thus, we began to love them. 

So yes, this concert exposed me to the world of small-artist concerts, small venues, and how they can be totally awesome, maybe even more so than arena concerts.

Meghan & Liz, Burnham, Memphis High, The After Party, and Action Item – November 2011

Two awesome bands and three that I got to discover? Yes please! Once again I was with my concert friend and we managed to convince the parental units to let us go since this one was three hours away. It was interesting seeing Action Item again, because we got to see how they had grown as artists and as performers. Also purchased VIP for this one and had the chance to hang out with Action Item before the show.

Afrer the show, meeting the other artists was cool too. The After Party was really funny to talk to and they had their own photobomber in our group pictures. Memphis High (now One Arm Train) were really sweet and thought we were cool (take what we can get). Action Item were their goofy, sweet selves and they kind of sort of remembered us, which was really kind of amazing, considering how much popularity they had gained in the almost year since we had seen them. 

Sadly, we have not managed to see Action Item again since then. 😦

Olly Murs and One Direction – June 2012

Yes, I fell into the craziness that was One Direction. Hipster moment: I knew about them right before their first trip to America in LA. So yeah, the fad has died down for me, right around the time of this concert actually. 

Olly Murs has such stage presence, so he is really fun to watch perform. He just gets up there and dances with no cares and sings his heart out. I really hope I get to see him again, because he was that good. 

One Direction were not that bad. I was halfway not expecting to have a good time because I had grown kind of tired listening to their CD on repeat. Most of the night I was saying, “Stop being such adorable idiots” because of their onstage antics. They put on a really good show, and their cover of “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson was wonderful. 

It was also the first arena concert I had been to in a while, so I had almost a culture shock because of how different it was from the small venues I had become accustomed to.

Ghost Town, Air Dubai and Marianas Trench – June 2013

Oh my gosh, where do I even begin to describe this concert? It was just so fabulous and if I was numbering (which I’m not….) this would more than likely be in the top spot. 

Ghost Town and Air Dubai were really good, I liked their sounds. I warmed up to them as they played, since I didn’t really know what to expect. I normally research the opening acts so I know at least a few songs by them, but I was so busy with life this time around, that I just didn’t have the time. 

Marianas Trench though. WOW. I had heard they were amazing in concert, but I did not expect them to live up to it. They did though, and so much more. Their chemistry, the way they play, their harmonies (I may or may not have teared up a little at how beautiful their harmonies were…..). Just wow. I was in awe for hours afterwords because of how good they were. I am definitely going to see them again, as soon as I possibly can. 

Hunter Hayes, Dierks Bentley, Kelly Clarkson – June 2013

So, I’m going to cheat a bit here. I’m pulling some of my favorite artists from the 2013 Country Music Festival and just counting it as one concert 

Hunter Hayes and Dierks Bentley were my favorites for the same reason: the audience could see how much they appreciate their fans and this chance they were given to play the main stage. To me, seeing how much an artist is grateful for what they have and that they truly enjoy what they are doing, is priceless. I would much rather see two songs by someone who realizes what they have, than to see an entire concert by someone who takes what they have for granted. 

Kelly Clarkson was such a sweetheart on stage. The way she talks to the audience makes you feel like you can be best friends with her and talk about anything. The way she performs is amazing too. Her singing is so powerful and you can tell she’s been in the business for a while, just by the quality of her voice and how she presents herself, but it’s in a good way. She’s very independent and you can tell that. It’s really nice to see that artists can still retain their individuality even with having a decade in the music business. 

So that’s it; that’s my list. So now I’m curious: what would your Top 5 Concerts be? Comment and let me know!