10 Reasons Why Tech Nerds Are Amazingly Wonderful People

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Sliders - The First and Second SeasonsSliders – The First and Second Seasons

1. They’re problem solvers. This means they really like to win at board games like Settlers of Catan, want to find the most efficient way to organize books, or want to maximize the return on investment of the groceries that they buy each week. A true tech nerd would never wait in line for a new iPhone. They would cleverly know how to get one in advance, test it out, and provide Apple with important product reviews.

2. They love technology. This is great because they always know about a new useful product that is basically life changing.

3. They don’t really like sports. This is a pretty logical one, there are plenty of other more intellectual activities to be involved in!

4. They really love technology. This is actually extremely worthwhile because it means that they’re smart, understand and appreciate the complexity…

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